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ROCKWAVE FESTIVAL 2015: The Prodigy, Judas Priest and Rotting Christ on 4th of July
ROCKWAVE FESTIVAL 2015: The Prodigy, Judas Priest and Rotting Christ on 4th of July

Rockwave Festival turns 20 years old and celebrates it with one of the best line up ever. In order to celebrate its birthday, the best music festival of the country welcomes The Prodigy, Judas Priest and more artists on Saturday 4th of July at TerraVibe. The Prodigy at Terra Stage, while Judas Priest will be performing at Vibe Stage in a memorable show!


Terra Stage


Liam Howleet, Keith Flint and Maxim Reality first met at Braintree of Essex in 1990. After that the history of electro music would change forever. The name of the band became a symbol of this genre in the 90s, while their wild shows are engraved in any fan’s memory who experienced them. The Prodigy are going to be our host on Saturday 4th July at Terra Vibe as a part of this year’s 20th anniversary of Rockwave Festival!

Bringing along their just released album titled ‘The Day is My Enemy’ and three mindboggling singles (Nasty, The Day is My Enemy, Wild Frontier) which are swiping the playlists worldwide and are steadily conquering the top of the Europeans and American charts, the band is going to welcome its die hard Greek fan club at Rockwave!

After a six year sabbatical after the Invader Must Die album which was released in 2009, The Prodigy come back with one of the most anticipated and the most talked about albums of this year! The Day is My Enemy proves once again why the band is considered to be amongst the most influential of its genre and the leading band of electronic music.

Distorted melodies, tripped riffs and a spectacular feel are the key elements at their live shows, casting a spell over the fans who rave over ‘Firestarter’, ‘Voodoo People’, ‘Breathe’, ‘Take me to the Hospital’ & ‘Smack my Bitch Up’ among many others.

From rave to punk and back and from electronica to hardcore, on 4th July The Prodigy are going to fill TerraVibe with their unique style of music!

Vibe Stage


Judas Priest! Heavy Metal! These two are practically the same after the band’s 40 year career and the metal scene’s hard core fans worldwide. The backbones of metal, Judas Priest are going to perform on Saturday 4th July at Terra Vibe as a part of this year’s 20th anniversary of Rockwave Festival!

It was 1969 somewhere in Birmingham that Judas Priest where formed thus altering heavy metal history forever. Few years and a few lineup changes later with Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton, KK Downing & Ian Hill as the main band members, Judas Priest release their first official albums “Rocka Rolla” & “Sad Wings of Destiny” in 1974 and 1976.

These where shortly followed by “Sin after Sin”, “Stained Glass” and “Killing Machine” within the 70s up until the heavy metal explosion in the 80s when the band released a series of masterpieces such as Βritish Steele, Screaming for Vengeance & Defenders of the Faith, while “Breaking the Law”, Living After Midnight”, “You’ve got another thing coming”  “The Sentinel” “Electric Eye” became the anthems for metal heads around the globe.

Headlining the biggest festivals in the word Judas Priest redeemed their fame while becoming one of the best live bands worldwide. In the dawn of 90s when grunge was where the music scene was heading, Judas Priest revived heavy metal by releasing one of the best albums of the genre ‘Painkiller’, while Scott Travis as drummer became an irreplaceable member of the band.

Undeniably the leaders of heavy metal Judas Priest continue to unleash burning guitar solos, destroying drum-kits and testing the limits of our voices with metal god Rob Halford behind the microphone.  Their  appeal even today is great as it was proved by their album Nostradamus which was released in 2008 and quickly topped all their previous albums at the top of the charts.

In 2010 Judas Priest won the “Best Metal Performance” Grammy, while they performed for tens of thousands fans in their “Epitaph” tour in 2011 and 2012. Their most recent album “Redeemer of the Souls” was among every spot-on list with the best releases of last year, reaching 6th place on the Billboard top 200 for the first time in the band’s history.

On Saturday 4th July, Judas Priest return at TerraVibe to celebrate Rockwave’s Festival 20th anniversary and share with their numerous Greek fans a righteous of their name heavy metal show!


27 Years doing the Devil’s Work
When wondering which is the greatest Greek metal band, the answer Rotting Christ is given. With a 27 year experience and over 1000 shows there is no doubt about this.

In 1988 Rotting Christ where formed by two brothers Saki and Themi Toli. Before the guys turned 20years old, the band released their first their first album attempt “Passage to Arcturo”, to be followed two years later by their first official full length album “Thy Mighty Contract” which rocked the Black Metal scene. Enraged, atmospheric, raw and with songs that still haunt their fans (Sign of Evil Existence & Fgmenth, Thy Gift), this album placed Greece in the global metal map.

“Non Serviam” & “Triarchy of the Lost Lovers” followed which formed their unholy album trilogy and together with their famous “Fuck Christ Tour” brought Rotting Christ at the frontlines of Black Metal. After a few lineup changes in the band, they released “A Dead Poem” & “Sleep of the Angels” following a more dark metal path and becoming commercially successful.

After Genesis the band transformed even further their sound incorporating eastern elements, and the pentatonic of the highlands in Epirus, producing remarkable sound which positively surprised their fans. They began with Theogonia, followed by Aealo until their most recent album Kata ton Daimona Eautou proving why Rotting Christ are considered to be ambassadors of Greek metal worldwide.

Rotting Christ will be at TerraVibe on Saturday 4th July to celebrate Rockwave’s 20th anniversary.



Terra Stage

The Prodigy
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
John Garcia

Vibe Stage



Ticket Prices:

In the first phase of presale, tickets cost 36€ (until 31st of March)
In the second phase of presale, tickets cost 39€ (from April 1st to May 31st)
Final price for presale is 42€
Box-Office price: 45€

Presale Points:


Ticket House, 42 Panepistimiou str., tel. +30 210 3608366

Metal Era, 22 Emmanouil Benaki str., tel.+30 210 3304133


Ticket House, 5 Aristotelous Square

For online purchases or purchases with credit card, 24/7 visit www.ticketpro.gr | www.tickethouse.gr (online purchases or the use of credit cards have a surcharge of 10% on original ticket price).

Tickets available in every GERMANOS and OTE shops.

For more information and full press briefing, contact
Tel: +30 210 882 0426 (inline number 2)

TerraVibe Park, 37th km of Athens-Lamia National Road, Attica



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