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Τα πρώτα εισιτήρια κοστίζουν 24 €
Στην δεύτερη φάση της προπώλησης η τιμή θα διαμορφωθεί στα 26 €
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Ticket House, 42 Panepistimiou str., Athens, tel. +30 210 360 8366
Metal Era, Εμμανουήλ Μπενάκη 22, τηλ. 210 3304133


Friday 25th of September, Fix Factory of Sound, Thessaloniki

Saturday 26th of September, Gazi Music Hall, Athens

Machine Head! Hearing the name of the band, thousands metalheads around the world rise their fists, screaming that this is the best Metal group of our times. On Friday 25th of September at Fix Factory of Sound and on Saturday 26th at Gazi Music Hall, Machine Head are coming to prove it on stage.

On 1991, Robb Flynn (having been already a part of Vio-Lence and Forbidden) formed the band and three years later they released one of the best debut albums in hard rock music scene. On “Burn My Eyes”, Machine Head give riffology lessons while their rough anthem “Davidian” has become the band’s trademark.

Three albums followed (The More Things Change, The Burning Red, Supercharger), where they showed their “New Wave Of American Heavy Metal” influences with groovy riffs and aggressive drumming to the heavy metal storm that started with “Through the Ashes of Empire” and peaked with “The Blackening” that was released on 2007 and was credited as one of the best albums of the 2000s while many thought of it as the modern Master of Puppets.

Upon the release of “Unto The Locust”, Robb Flynn and his group verified that they are right into a creative verve and great form, composing complicated metal anthems with rough rhythm section and flammable guitar solo.

Their last album, “Bloodstone and Diamonds” was hailed by Press and fans as the perfect closure of the informal trilogy that started with “The Blackening”.

On Friday 25th of September at Fix Factory of Sound, Thessaloniki and on Saturday 26th of September at Gazi Music Hall, Athens, Machine Head visit our country for one more time and invite all those who have lost their fate on Heavy Metal to think twice!

There will be no opening acts in any of the concerts, since the band will be performing on a setlist lasting 2 ½ hours.

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